Monday, September 17, 2012

Total OWH cards made in the last two weeks.......

Drumroll please.........................


WOWSERS!!! I knew I was on a roll but had no idea I had done that many!

Here's a look at some of the others I've made....



And with this, I say goodnight!

OWH Sketch #138 I couldn't stop with just posting cards tonight...I just HAD to make a card! I used Fancy Pants Country Boutique. I really love this paper!!!

Here's sketch #138!!!

Looks like the teddy wants a hug, huh??? He's so cute!

Off to finish up a few things and then to bed. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow. See you soon!



OWH Sketch #24 is the last sketch I did this weekend. I really must have a sweet tooth lately because "sweet" cards make me!

Hope you like the cards. I'll be posting the rest on my next post so you can see the others I made.

OWH Sketch #28

Just catching up on my posting. Here's OWH's sketch #28. I was trying a happy feeling type card. I hope it works!

It makes me smile. :D


Sketch #39

Had quite the interesting weekend. Friday night, I broke one of my toes. Kept me off my feet pretty much all weekend so I took that time and used it wisely...I made cards!!! :)  I made so many that I'm STILL editing them so I can post them. Sorry for the "lateness". :)

Here's the card I did for Sketch #39. Just a little "Thanks" for all you do!

Now I'm off to post more cards! Bye!!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Sketch #86 challenge

Just finished up on my third card ofthe evening. No amount of caffeine is able to keep this girl up tonight. BUT....just thought I would browse through the sketches on OWH's list and found thatI really like sketch I did it. ;)

It's nice and simple, yet least I think so! Ok...I'm having a crafty day with some of my Moose Sisters tomorrow so I had better get to bed. Night all!!!


Sketch Challenge #137

I'm starting to get into the swing of things as far as doing sketched. As I have said before, I'm not normally a "sketchy" type of person but it's starting to be the thing I do lately. lol! Here's OWH's sketch challenge #137. Please let me know what you think!!!

I made the card with MME "American Made" paper, ribbon from my stash and a sweet digi I purchased a few weeks ago.
I'm off to make another...and another....and........  ;)

Midweek Throwdown Any Hero Challenge

So, this is going to be my crafty weekend. I'm going to be working a little backwards and start with the more recent challenges with Operation Write Home and go from there...hopefully will get caught up with the challenges I've missed. :)

So, here's the Midweek Throwdown for this week. This challenge was to use Red, White and Blue in the card. So, I broke out my My Mind's eye "American Made" paper and made this....

And with this, I say see ya in a bit! I"m off to make more cards!!! :D


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Having fun with my girls and OWH Sketch Challenge #46

Just a short post to show the few cards I made tonight. I watched Sandy's YouTube show and decided to play along when she chose to do Sketch Challenge #46. Ok...I have to admit....I don't do sketches very well but I think I'm going to be liking this. goes.

Not sure why my stinking camera goes blurry on one side of the pic. Sorry!

After I made these cards, I decided to just take some scraps and make this third card.

Hope you like these cards. Now it's off to bed.
Nighty night!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OWH Lawn Fawn challenge

Today's challenge was to make cards for kids with scallops on them. I usually have a hard time making cards for kids but this one actually turned out pretty cute and I didn't have to think too hard about it either.

I really think she turned out cute. I guess I need to do more of these, right??

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Sweet Stop SSS174

My sister and I are getting things put together for my niece's shower at the end of the month. This afternoon she mentioned that we need to get a move on with the invitations. So...being the "awesome" aunt that I am...(just kidding)...I got right to work. I used the layout sketch (SSS174) on "The Sweet Stop" website and came up with this for the shower invitation.

The Stickles (Crystal) are still wet but I just HAD to take the picture!!! I can't wait to see my niece's reaction when we show her. :)

Ok...It's time for me to get to bed. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Thanks for the sketch!!!


OWH card #10

This was the final card for the weekend challenge. We were asked to make a card that represented the state that we live in. Growing up in Utah, one of the first things I learned about Utah was that it was called "The Beehive State". So...with that being the first thing I thought of, here you go....

I love the Authentique paper collection "Blissful"! It worked so perfectly!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the posts this weekend. I'm really looking forward to doing more. :)


OWH card #9

I had to laugh at this challenge. The requirements were to use a tool that hasn't been used in a long time. For a few minutes, I was in a mild panic because I couldn't think of what I hadn't used in a while. hit me like a brick! My Fastenator!!!! It's been YEARS since I had used it. After I dusted it off, filled it with staples and racked my brain as to the name of it( lol...yes....I forgot what the name of it was for a few an HOUR!!!), I went to work on my card.

I have been wanting to use this stamp for quite a while. I'm super happy with the way it turned out.


OWH card #8

Holy sports! I love sports and was super happy to see that this challenge was to be sports related. But I sifted and sorted through my stamps, I didn't have anything footballish or basketballish so I had to go out of the box on this one. After it was all done, I was so happy with my choice. She's just adorable.

Now, who doesn't love a little hula hooping every now and then, right?????


OWH card (or should I say, cards) #7

This one was sooo fun for me. Those who know me know I could do Christmas cards all year long and never get tired of it. Our challenge #7 was to create not one but TWO Christmas cards (yes, I got all giddy inside and did a couple of "YIPPEES" when I read the challenge). The cards were to be focused more towards for younger ones and one for the older ones. Here is what I came up with for the younger kiddies.

I love the snowman. He is one of my very own creations and one I use every year when I do Christmas cards for the "younger adults" in my family. The hat is just cut out of paper scraps and pieced together to resemble a hat. The card base was a tester base that I just couldn't use on the card I was working on at the time. I sprayed a little Tattered Angels "Chalkboard" on it and VIOLA!! is the second card I made.

The heart on the card says "I'm dreaming...". The stamp I used was an Imaginesce snowflake stamp. The snowflakes were first stamped with a light blue and then with a white. Then I took some Diamond Stickles and added a little sparkle to the snowflakes.

I really hope whoever gets these cards loves them.


OWH card #6


Ok....I'm back and with a new card for the Operation Write Home challenge. This one fun. I like to do sketches because then I can think outside the box when creating my project. Here's what the sketch looks like.....

This is what I came up with....


I just love the colors and how the flower plays along with the dots on the paper.

Ok, I'm off to post my next card. Ciao!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

OWH challenge #5

HEE HEE....I had so much fun with this. We are helping my husband "prepare" to be a cowboy this year for Halloween which is sooooo out of his comfort zone. was his idea!!!

Coming up with a cowboy pic was difficult because I didn't have anything cowboyish. So, with the help from my dear friend, Paula, I found some DANG CUTE Digi's to use. This one is my favorite one so far.

Cute, huh??????
Gotta go catch some zzz's so I can be refreshed and ready for more tomorrow!
Nighty night!

OWH Card challenge #4

This card was fun and easy to make. Triple stamping isn't hard at all. Looks like it's hard but it isn't! Looks like I'm gonna have to look into getting more stamps so I can "practice" this a bit more. ;)

Fun, huh???


OWH Card #3 I was stumped on this one to the point that I couldn't decide whether to so just snowflakes or put A snowflake on the card. The challenge was to do a snowflake card but not Christmas. Rough but here it is. :)

Having a blast doing to do #4!


OWH card challenge #2

The second card I made for Operation Write Home's Labor Day Weekend challenge was following a "recipe". The recipe was 1 image, 2 patterned papers and a 3 word sentiment. This one was so much fun. Making this sweet little goodie made me want something sweet when I finished. LOL!!!

Off to grab something sweet to take care of this craving. ;)

Operation Write Home Labor Day Weekend Challenges

I decided this last week to start doing volunteer work for Operation Write Home by making cards for the troops to use when writing to their loved ones. It really has been so much fun to work on!!! This weekend starts a Labor Day Challenge for those of us making the cards. It's been really fun trying to come up with cards to meet these challenges!

The first challenge was to create a card with either a scripture verse or an uplifting quote or sentiment. This is what I came up with.

Off to post my next project!!!