Sunday, August 14, 2011

Something I have never done before......

Many of you may relate to what I'm about to say......When I get bored, I like to shop. Most of the time, I "intend" on just window shopping but there are times when I actually buy something that I most likely will not use right away. Case in point............about a year ago, I bought a wood burning tool, brought it home and put it away in a locked case so wandering hands wouldn't get to it.

When Amber with Crop Chocolate gave us the challenge for August to do something that we had never done before, guess what popped into my head??? Yup! I pulled out that wood burner and started to play. Number one thing I loved....the wood I purchased at Hobby Lobby smells SOOO good when it's burned!!! I know....silly huh??? Still, I loved it and that's that! ;)

Anyways....I was a little nervous about how it would go over since it's really not using a lot of Crop Chocolate product so I showed a few friends and they LOVED it and said, " need to use that!!!" So...I did! I really love how it turned out! Here's a pic of it...

It's such a fun technique and I don't know if it's ever been used for something like this. I would like to think "not" until now... ;)

In addition to this cute little ghost, I made a little companion piece that will also be displayed for Halloween. Here it is.

I have also made some cute teddy bear ones and they were purchased as soon as they were made. I'm now thinking of other things I can do using this technique so I can sell them. Watch close...I may have something that you may like...  ;) If there is something I haven't posted but would like me to make for you, PLEASE let me know and I'll get it going! I'm always up for more projects!!!!


Amber - the Original Ambaju

super cute!!! :)

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