Thursday, June 7, 2012

Craft Room/Organizational Ideas Blog Hop (Crop Chocolate Design Team Farewell)

Thanks for coming to my blog!!! 

This blog hop is to celebrate this past year of being part of an extraordinary group of talented ladies. If you are joining this hop and this is the first site you have come to, slow down sweetie! You need to start at the beginning!! Go to Amber's blog site here and follow the list of blogs from there. Here is the order you will be going in...

Paula I.-cricutica
Paula M.-JeepMama
Beth D.-bethd488
Michele - Craft-a-holic Queen THAT'S ME!!!
The Crop

Make sure you comment on each and every one of the blogs (and FOLLOW the ladies, too) because you may find that there is lots of blog candy out there waiting to be given away. 

Ok....let's get down to business!

Our design team decided to do a little something fun for our last activity as a design team and we chose.... A BLOG HOP!!! Yes....we know how much you all LOVE blog hops and secretly, I love them too...just don't spread it around, okay??? ::wink wink::  Anyways, after much deliberation, we decided an organizational tips/crafty area hop would be fun. I know when I have looked at pictures of other's spaces, it's helped me find ideas for storage and make my room easy to work in. 

So, without further ado, I present my craft room!

This is "Craft Central" where I do all of my work. I have two desks that have been put together to form an "L" shaped area, of which one side has an organizer where I can store those items I "always have to have nearby". 

 On top of the organizer is a little shelf I made to add a little more height AND to give me another place to put little things that I need nearby like nail clippers, my glasses, etc.

 I love the idea of having ribbon handy. If you notice, I use ribbon on almost all of my projects. It's a staple I must have around. Curtain rods work wonderfully as an organizing "tool" for ribbon as well as storing embellies by brand. Also, I found these cute little baskets at a dollar store last fall and just "had to have them". I realized I have A LOT of ribbon and not enough space for it all. So, I found some hooks and screwed them into the wall above my desk, filled my baskets with ribbon, used the "holes" in the baskets for the ribbon to pull through and hung them on the hooks. Talk about being HANDY!!!

This is the "supply" side of my room. I love to collect all kinds of baskets and use them for storage if possible. Don't be afraid to be creative in the types of containers you use to store your crafty goodies. There's no Right or Wrong!!

 If I have one suggestion for you all, it for craft stores that are closing! It's a sad thing to watch businesses close up shop but that is when you will SCORE BIG on storage items! I have a thing for paper and needed space for it all. One of our local scrapbook chains closed up the last of their stores a few months ago so I just HAD to go check out the deals. While I was there, I noticed they were selling their 12-slot 12x12 paper racks for $20 each. YES....$20 each! Couldn't pass that one up for a minute so I bought 4 of them. :) Seriously is the BEST INVESTMENT I have EVER made!

Ahhhh....This last year has gone by so quickly! I can't believe that it was this time last year that I was trying out for the design team for and hoping to be one of the lucky ones to be chosen. A year later, I DO count myself as one of the luckiest women on the planet. Not only did I have the opportunity to work with Jon and McCall (CropChocolate's owners) and Amber  (our design team leader and the buyer for CropChocolate) but I now have 10 wonderful friends who will all have a very special place in my heart! Each and everyone of them are so talented and inspire anyone who has the chance to work with them and see their creations. I love them all so much and will miss working with them all.

Now that I have gotten all mushy on you.....guess what??? After the blog hop is over, I will be drawing a name...maybe even two names....and will be sending off some special goodies for coming by. Don't forget to leave a comment so you can have a chance to win!!!

Now it's time for you to move on to Corrie's blog. Have lots of fun and don't forget to come by from time to time to see what's new on my blog!!! <3 <3 <3


Scrappy Canuck

Okay Michele, I love your space! It looks friendly and happy - just like you! My favourite part - the two monitors!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Moon Scraps!

Love how organized it looks!

Judy Perry

Great organized space - This Blog Hop is showing my a lot of new ides for my studio!


oh man.. I love me a good paper rack! and your spot is decluttered and ready to mess up ;)


oh my! love the "supply side" of your room. I would love to score some scrapstore closeouts. But unfortunately they all closed b4 I even started scrapping.


your space is awesome! love the clock, but I like to get lost in my time in my scrappy space. You are inspiring me to get my room in order.


LOVE the room!! I would so love those paper racks--am on the lookout for those! Great place to be inspired and get crafty!

by belle

Michele!! GREAT idea with the baskets for ribbon! Thanks for sharing all your creativity and I look forward to still seeing more!!


Dual screens for a scrap room !!! whoo hooo lucky you. I scored at a scrapbook store closing but only got one wire paper rack (not to mention about 1/4 of the store (she had become a friend, live 1/2 mile from me and gave me first dibs on the closing deals!!!

thanks for sharing your awesome space - I need some curtain rods now!!

wendie mitchell

Love the paper trays!


Hey, I have those same wire baskets! I love those! Your "supply side" is absolutely beautiful... I am so envious of your gorgeous paper racks... *sigh*... so very pretty... :)


I love the paper racks too! When one of my kids FINALLY moves out, I'm taking over a room and getting some! ha ha


I envy you your 12x12 slot holders! What a find!


Beautiful space!!!

Paula-Scrap Addict

Wonderful space! I can't wait for the grand tour IN PERSON :-)


LOVE LOVE LOVE your paper racks!! I recently bought 3 of those as well from a scapstore that closed its doors! I can't wait to incorporate it in my space and SORT MY PAPER!! Great tips and you have a great space!!

Katherine Clayton

Love your space and love the paper holders. So pretty! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Katherine (clayton528 on CC)


Your "supply side" was so organized, I was sure you weren't really working in there, but then saw the stacks on the floor on the one side & felt better!! ;) Really...very nice!! :) Thanks for all your work on the DT


You are very organized. I love your room. Thanks so much for being such a great teacher to all of us. We will miss having you all go.

Regena Odle

Love your room! The wire baskets are a wonderful idea for ribbon. I already have a few of them and never even thought of using them for ribbon-lol. Thanks for sharing!


Love all of the wonderful ideas for storage, thanks Michele. (RnoAngel0712 on CC)


Very lovely space!


Love your space. What a score on those paper racks and awesome idea for ribbon storage. I need a clock in my space too...thanks for the reminder. Being a late night crafter w/out a clock has been mighty morning I was almost late for work :s. Thanks for sharing your lovely room.


Thanks for sharing your space with us! I was planning on scrapping today but might be organizing instead -- it's ok, it's still early in the day so I can do both! Remember, scraplifting is the sincerest form of would this be organlifting?


Love the baskets for ribbon storage - great idea. Takes up less space than the containers you can buy. Those racks were an awesome find - closing stores are great for picking up storage or display items.


Luv your supply wall!


Great space!!!Love it!


I am rather envious of your paper storage but really like how you have several different systems but somehow they all seem to work together and not look as random as my room lol. Will have to look closer and try to work out your secret!


Wow ! Great room and I am crazy about your basket idea for ribbons. I think that this would be PERFECT for me !!


Love your space! Those little baskets are darling! I love working under a window, but having it there really cramps my ability to put things right there in arm's reach! I wish I could put up rods for things! Thanks for sharing!


LOVE those paper racks! I've been trying to score myself some of those!
ra6352 (at) gmail (Dot) com


OMG! 20 dollars for those paper racks. SO jealous. I would love some of those. your Craft area is so neat and organized. Thanks for sharing. : )

Scrapping Galaxy

That basket idea is so cute!!


What a nice organized room. I am loving your paper storage


Wow, what a tidy craft room! Very inspiring.

Brit K. Designs

LOVE your paper racks, they are awesome! And all those baskets make me drool! Your space is great! Thanks for sharing!


I love your room, very organized and I really love what you said about your design team experience, it really says a lot about all of you and everyone at CC. Thanks for the chance at some blog candy as well, what girl doesn't like a little extra candy :)


Those paper racks are wonderful! And, I love the idea of using baskets on the wall for ribbons.


You have a great space and I love how organized it is. Thanks for the tips I really love the baskets

Julie Odil

What a score those paper racks were! You have a great scrappin' space!


Thats and awesome room , Thanks for sharing.


Hi Michelle, i love the paper racks! when i see a store closing and they have racks i always think....i don't have room, but i may need to rethink that.....those look awesome! Thanks for the tips! Off to follow some more!


I like how you used the holes in the basket to pull your ribbon through. Great idea!


Such a great deal you got on your paper racks! Thanks for sharing your room!


I love love your paper racks. What a find! Your space is so organized. I love it!


You're crafty room is beautiful! :D I love it... just like I love CropChocolate and the whole gang. I think besides all the great deals and fun that can be had on CC... my favorite thing about finding that website is that I got YOU FOR A FRIEND! ***:D*** Love ya!


the paper racks have me so jealous!


I too have found a few goodies when stores went out of business, but I'd still rather have them open!


Great crafty space! I like your shower curtain rods and the baskets of ribbon. I need things organized, but within view. Thanks for all of your ideas and inspiration while on the DT!


I love the curtain rod idea. I have ribbon stacked everywhere!

Laura {aka scrapaddict}

Love those baskets with the ribbon....easy handy access! Thanks for sharing your space....what a great deal on the paper racks....I got mine at a closing too....but you scored a GREAT deal!!

Char (NanCDru)

Your whole room is gorgeous-SO organized! I especially like your "L" shaped desk, and all the organizing on that one wall. Very nice :)


I love the paper racks. Wish I had some of those. Also, love the curtain rod idea.

Misty W.

So pretty & organized!

Amber R. :)

you sweet little mush mush. :) love your room and I'm SO glad you got some of those Robert's wire racks!! Perfect addition!! :) xoxo


Your room is so nicely organized. I love your paper storage rack, what a great find.


It looks like you have a lot at your finger tips. Great way to scrap with inspiration. Glad you were able to catch a good deal for your PP storage.

Victoria S.

I am a follower
love your space! you have great ideas!

Ms. Daiquiri

Such a great crafty space! Drooling over your paper racks...

Crazy Annies Stitchin

Love your room. Thanks for sharing your photos and tips. You have such a wonderful space....I want it. LOL thanks for sharing and a chance to win.


Great space, love how you store your ribbon!

Cultivate Life in Joy

Hi, Michele..loved my visit with you.. and picking up helpful tips and storage ideas. Glad I found your blog.

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